Dave Nuñez-Delgado | Vancouver Island Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Hi, my name is Dave and I'm a geek! Not in the negative sense, of course, but in that I'm a Dad that's really into technology, electronics, movies, and sci-fi stuff. When I'm not working from my home office as a Database Analyst, I do everything I can to pursue my passion for photography and making images. I also collect geeky t-shirts (on Pinterest now, since my dresser is full!).

I came into photography from the technical side, learning all I could about the mechanics of the craft: things such as lighting ratios, composition, posing, post processing, etc. After a while though, it kind of becomes second nature and you start to focus on capturing moments, evoking emotion, and telling a story through your images. Yes, my photos are still technically correct, more importantly than that, however, they also tell a story and - I hope - evoke an emotional response in the viewer.

I very much look forward to capturing you in the best light possible! 

Dave Nuñez-Delgado
Delgado Photography
Nanaimo, BC